Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Father's Day

I suddenly realised about a week ago that Father's Day is rapidly approaching and whilst I have always been a bit slack about this celebration I know I am probably in a minority. So I wanted to do a website feature for Father's Day with some card ideas, some products and some new papers, which would lead me naturally to produce a newsletter  to promote all of the above.
One week later the newsletter has just gone out, not too bad really although when I sat down to make the cards my first two ideas materialised very quickly

 and then.......blank...... total lack of inspiration and really not much time to spare. It's amazing how sometimes you overflow with ideas and other times you just draw a blank.
I think I have been partially hampered by my stash of 'Vintage' stuff which I am dying to have a go with and the distraction of exams and university applications which are going on in our house at the moment. I hope I am correct and that I will be full of ideas for vintage creations when I finally get round to them. The box of 'stuff' still sits at the other end of the room just waiting for me to get started.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Narrow Chequered Cord

I'm still working on the Facebook Like button, which has resulted in me having to create a photo gallery of the cards that  I have made, so that I can put a like button on the page for each card. This is a long and tedious job! So I have had to spread it out and do a few other things in between to keep up morale.
This morning I went down to the area in Dubai called Naif where I buy some of the items that we sell. Apart from now being a very hot and sweaty business (no glossy shopping malls here) it is also like a trip back in time as men push handcarts around the streets to deliver goods from wholesaler to retailer and large stacks of goods are left on the pavements awaiting their destination, I assume nothing is stolen as this stuff never looks as though it is heavily guarded.
Anyway my mission this morning was to re-stock on our plain colour paper flowers and gold and silver padded hearts, and to keep an eye open for anything new and interesting.
We were disappointed to find that the padded hearts are no longer available so as our stocks run out they will have to be discontinued, shame as they are really nice.
We found all the paper flowers except the peachy coloured ones and once again we were told there would be no future supplies of these flowers so we bought all they had.
Then I spotted some narrow cord in a range of two tone colours looking very similar to the bakers twine which has been big in all the crafting magazines lately. They had already sold out of a couple of colours that I would have liked but I came away with six colours which I think are perfect for this time of year.

We will be selling them in 4 metre lengths for 60p per 4 metres so not a big investment! and we have put them straight onto the website so they are available to you now.Find out more!
Now we're looking forward to playing with it and seeing what card designs we can come up with.
Watch this space!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Work gets in the way!

So.... my good intentions of a daily posting on this blog have fallen at the first hurdle. Work has been mega busy this week and I'm still trying to organise that holiday!! - no time to post. Today is the start of the weekend so I want to finish the newsletter that I have started and get it sent out, and then get on with making some vintage birthday and wedding cards to try out our new stock, ready for it's launch next month. Thinking about lace - especially after the fab Royal Wedding last weekend, that has to be an inspiration to anyone planning wedding cards and stationery.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

No Time for Crafting

Full on day at work today, teaching touch typing and how to cope with switching to a MAC, along with a bit of staff training. Still wrestling with the summer holiday which is taking up most of my computer time, I really want to be designing some new background papers in preparation for the launch of our vintage range, but that will have to wait until the holiday is sorted. Perhaps tomorrow..........