Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Father's Day

I suddenly realised about a week ago that Father's Day is rapidly approaching and whilst I have always been a bit slack about this celebration I know I am probably in a minority. So I wanted to do a website feature for Father's Day with some card ideas, some products and some new papers, which would lead me naturally to produce a newsletter  to promote all of the above.
One week later the newsletter has just gone out, not too bad really although when I sat down to make the cards my first two ideas materialised very quickly

 and then.......blank...... total lack of inspiration and really not much time to spare. It's amazing how sometimes you overflow with ideas and other times you just draw a blank.
I think I have been partially hampered by my stash of 'Vintage' stuff which I am dying to have a go with and the distraction of exams and university applications which are going on in our house at the moment. I hope I am correct and that I will be full of ideas for vintage creations when I finally get round to them. The box of 'stuff' still sits at the other end of the room just waiting for me to get started.

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