Saturday, 4 February 2012

Altered Art Boxes part 2

I've spent most of the day working on these boxes and have one finished item and others at various stages of drying.
After I'd painted the boxes white, I cut decorations from paper table napkins, and removed two of the napkin layers leaving only the very thin top layer with the design on. I painted PVA glue onto the area of the box that I wanted to decorate and carefully laid the fine tissue layer onto it.
The glue soaks into the tissue and makes it quite fragile so you have to work carefully and brush more glue onto the top of the tissue smoothing from the centre of the piece of tissue outwards to remove any air bubbles and wrinkles. It's quite tricky but I got better at it as I went along. Make sure that you use a glue that dries transparent. Then leave it until the glue is dry.

Here's a box just after the tissue layer has been applied to the lid  alongside the table napkins that were used to decorate it.
I found the glue dried quite quickly so I varnished one of the boxes,unfortunately I had bought the wrong type of varnish as it had an amber colour. A quick shopping trip to the art supplies shop and I had clear varnish so pressed on and varnished two of the boxes.

These boxes have both been varnished, the orange daisy box is finished, but I want to add some ribbon etc to the gold box.
Hopefully I will be able to show you some more finished boxes tomorrow.

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