Monday, 6 February 2012

Altered Art Boxes part 3

I finished four of the boxes yesterday and am quite pleased withe the way they look. I gave the varnish 24 hours to dry completely and then finished off the boxes with ribbon and one with a gold tassel, which I love. My daughter is currently working on a box with a cherry blossom tissue design and quilled cherry blossom on the lid, I will post a picture when it is complete.

The steps to complete the boxes are:
  • Gently sand the surface of the box if it has a glossy finish
  • Paint the box with matt emulsion
  • Cut the paper napkin to size/shape and peel off the two back layers of tissue
  • Paint the surface that's going to be decorated with PVA glue
  • Carefully apply the tissue and brush more glue over the top gently smoothing out air bubbles
  • When the glue is dry cover the whole box with clear varnish
  • Add any decorative items

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