Monday, 27 February 2012

Vintage Style Birthday Cards

Having added our lovely stash of vintage goodies to the website I have had some fun trying it out.

I love the faux gems in antique brass settings, no-one can, or should, resist a bit of bling and I am pleased with the general colour scheme. I used the same cream lace on the cameo card but combined it with a darker ribbon and pearls, which are another item never to be resisted. These flatback, self adhesive pearls are quick and easy to use and provide the perfect finishing touch.

Both cards would work equally well with different greetings such as 'Best Wishes' 'Thank you' or even 'Mothers Day'. It's not obvious from the photos but the cards are significantly different sizes. The left hand card is a 12cm square whilst the other is A5.
All the materials used are available from our website


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