Friday, 16 March 2012

Cherry Blossom Box with Quilled Flowers

Hello, my box is designed with cherry blossoms. The sides were decorated with the previously shown technique but using a cherry blossom napkin. The top or lid was decorated by quilling a cherry blossom branch.

 I did this by wrapping two pieces of brown ⅛ inch/3mm quilling paper around the needle tool to create a long spiral for the main branch. For the smaller branches I did the same thing but with only one strip of paper. For the flowers I used three shades of pink, for each flower I rolled six size 5 loose circles and then shaped them into teardrops.  For the centre of the flower I cut into the sides of a strip of peach paper, without cutting right through the strip, to give it a fringed look. I used the slotted quilling tool to curl these into circles.

For the flower buds I used the slotted quilling tool to wrap a tight brown and pink circle for each. The tight coils were shaped using the mini mould size A to form miniature cups, a longer strip of brown paper was used so that the mouth of the cup was slightly wider than the pink, allowing the pink cup to be inserted in to the mouth of the brown cup. I then used a small blob of glue to hold them together.
All quilling tools and paper available from our website
Garcia Wild

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