Saturday, 2 September 2017

Birthday Card with Quilled Design under Square Shaker Dome

Hi Everyone, since we launched our own range of shaker domes almost a year ago (I can't believe it's a year already!), I have used them to make several different shaker cards for birthdays and Christmas. I wanted to try out different ways to use the shaker domes so for my first card I have used a square dome to protect and shape a quilled design.

I started  by cutting a piece of white card 12cm square and marked out and cut a square aperture in the middle just a little larger than the square shaker dome. I positioned this over a 12.5cm square, white card blank and drew round the square aperture lightly with a pencil to create a guide for the quilled design.

The quilling is all done using 3mm paper strips which for perfectly under our 4mm domes, I marked the centre of the square and positioned the yellow flower centre there, adding 7 marquise shaped white petals evenly around it. Once the flower was glued firmly in place I used different shades of green paper to make various shapes, spirals and coils to fill the remaining spaces.

I glued the square shaker dome in position over the quilled design, then fixed the white card over the shaker dome to give a neat finish.

I felt a simple black peel off greeting was all that was necessary to complete the card. You could use any shape of shaker dome and any kind of quilled design under it to fit the purpose of your card. I don't do a lot of quilling, my daughter is the expert in that department so I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Hope you like it too.
Thanks for reading
Debbie x

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