Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Hand Made Birthday Card Using Balloon Shaped Shaker Domes

Hi Everyone, this is the last new shape in our range of shaker domes, which doubles up as either a balloon shape or egg shape, whichever fits the occasion. Here I've used them as balloons for a birthday card, you get 10 each of two sizes of shaker dome in the pack. Again we have a matching die set so you can cut perfect apertures for the domes, I used the dies to cut white balloons to make a faux embossed background too.

Hand made birthday card with balloon shaped shaker domes

I started with a white 5 x 7" blank card and cut a piece of white card slightly smaller than that. I wanted to make the balloon shakers really stand out so opted for an all white background but added interest by die cutting several balloons from the same white card and sticking them all over the piece of white card, this gives the effect of dry embossing to the background piece.

I used the dies to cut two apertures in the background piece where I wanted the two shaker domes to go and then cut two pieces of colored card to go inside the shaker domes. I put the domes in place under the white card then carefully lifted the white card off and marked where both the domes and the colored die cuts should go.

I used double sided tape to attach the colored die cuts, poured a small pile of the Party Fragments on to each then glued the domes into position, I put the white card over the domes again to make sure everything was in the right place before the glue dried so that I could slide the domes into position if necessary.

Once the glue on the domes was dry I taped the back of the white card and stuck that in place and added a die cut birthday greeting mounted on 3mm foam pads,  for the finishing touch.

I am very happy with the card and love the contrast between the white on white background and the brightly colored balloons and filling. Hope you like it too, please leave a comment below to let me know what you think.
Debbie x

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