Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Hand Made Christmas Card with Die Cut Poinsettia, Foliage and Frame

Hi Everyone, last Christmas I made quite a lot of poinsettia cards, using the lovely Poppy Stamps die cutter. I have tried to do different things this year for Christmas but couldn't resist getting it out once more 😉. In traditional red the poinsettia makes a gorgeous centre piece for a card and doesn't need much else here I have added some extra foliage, a white frame and a small Christmas greeting.

Hand Made Christmas Card with Die Cut Poinsettia, Foliage and Frame

Start with a white 12.5cm square blank card, I made a tent fold card but it would work equally well the other way. Die cut the frame from white card and die cut the centre out of it. Attach to the centre of the card using 3mm adhesive foam pads to raise it up from the card base.

The poinsettia die set has three different sizes of petals dies which you can use in different quantities and combinations to make a variety of sizes of flower. For this one I wanted a really big full flower.
Cut 2 x large, 2 x medium and 1 x small poinsettia petals from red card and another 2 x large from green card. Before you stick them together roll each petal around bamboo skewer, slim pencil or similar, holding each petal under your thumb as you roll using the same action as you would to curl ribbon. This gives the petals more shape and stops the flower looking flat. Arrange all the layers of petals so that they overlap and stick them all together. Put three small yellow adhesive pearls in the centre for the stamens.

Die cut more foliage from green card and arrange it with the stems under the flower and the leaves overlapping the frame. Stick the flower on top in the centre of the frame using 3mm foam pads.

Pop a die cut greeting out of the sheet, sand off any little notches that remain from where it was attached to the sheet and again use 3mm foam pads to attach one end of it to the card base just under the flower at an angle allowing the other end to stand up from the card.

I really like the way this turned out lots of dimension, but simple colours. I  hope you like it too, it would be great if you could leave a comment to let me know what you think. Thanks for reading.
Debbie x

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