Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Hand Made Mothers Day Card with Die Cut Patterned Paper

HI Everyone, here's a Mothers Day card that doesn't take too long to make and would look good in lots of different colour combinations depending on what you have to hand. It's not an overly feminine  colour scheme but is softened by the flowered paper and the bow.

Hand Made Mothers Day Card with Die Cut Patterned Paper

I wanted this to be a tall tenfold card so cut a piece of card 11 x 29.5cm for the base. Cut a piece of patterned paper 11 x 7cm and use double sided tape to adhere it to the bottom part of the card front. Cut a piece of coordinating patterned paper 11x12cm, die cut the bottom edge to an offset point, then die cut again in the same position just about 1cm further up to create the narrow strip. Adhere the biggest piece to the top portion of the card, overlapping the first patterned paper. Position the narrow strip about .5cm below it and adhere both with double sided tape.

Die cut a tag shape and stamp with a Mothers Day sentiment, add an enamel dot for decoration and adhere to the top right area of the card. Tie a small bow out of coordinating ribbon and glue in place just above the point in the patterned paper.

I have to say just about the longest job was tying the bow, I had about six attempts until it was just right! A simple but attractive card, perfect if you are short on time and especially if you have a ready made bow that you can use :) Thanks for reading, hope you like it.
Debbie x

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  1. It may be a simple card Deb's but it's very effective and your bow looks great

    1. Thanks Carol, I appreciate your comment about the bow as I sweated over it so much lol