Saturday, 17 March 2018

Hand Made Easter Shaker Card

Hi Everyone, I couldn't let Easter pass without using our egg shaped shaker domes to make a card, and another one of those little bunnies sneaked in too 😊. All I had to add was some hand cut bunting  with gold lettering to finish it off. Nothing too tricky but a cute card, hope you like it. It would be great if you could leave a comment to let me know what you think.
Thanks for looking in.
Debbie x

Hand made Easter shaker card with bunting

Start with a 12.5cm white blank card, cover the card front with pink patterned paper. Cut a piece of yellow and pink patterned paper to 12cm square, die cut an egg shape from the centre of the paper.

To position the shaker dome, place the die cut paper over the dome and line it up on the card. Hold the shaker dome in position and remove the die cut paper, mark the position of the shaker dome lightly with a pencil. Die cut the rabbit from pink card and adhere in position inside the area where the shaker dome will be, pile pink and gold metallic flowers on top of the rabbit. Glue around the rim of the shaker dome and place it on the card using the pencil markings, quickly put the die cut paper over the shaker dome and make any slight adjustments to the position of the shaker dome before the glue dries. Put something like a book on top of the dome to weight it down until the glue is dry.

In the meantime cut a strip of pink patterned paper 1.4 x 10cm cut this into triangles 1.4 cm wide. Stick a gold peel off letter to each triangle to spell out your message.

When the shaker dome is glued firmly, adhere the die cut patterned paper over the dome using double sided tape and the bunting triangles in position using 1mm adhesive foam pads. Adhere a gold metal gem to each end of the bunting and use a gold pen to draw in the string between the bunting triangles.

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