Friday, 20 April 2018

Hand Made Wedding Card with Heat Embossed Heart

Hi everyone, I used a new technique on today's card, which I saw demonstrated on the WOW! stand at the craft trade show earlier this year. I have been itching to try it for myself ever since, with WOW embossing powders now in stock, the time was right. The technique involves melting different colours of embossing powder together to create the marbled effect on the heart. My first attempt wasn't quite right, I used an embossing glitter which didn't give the smooth finish that I was looking for and I put too much of the lighter colour embossing powder and not enough of the dark. Both these things were not actually wrong but did not produce the look that I wanted. The lovely sheen on the heart is created by using embossing powder with a pearl finish, a top tip from Marion Emberson the lady who did the demonstration - if you haven't got the colour you want in a pearl powder you can mix some clear pearl powder into your colour. That's exactly what I did with the dark blue and it really added a beautiful pearl lustre to it.

This is a close up of the heart: I used three colours of embossing powder.

Heat embossed heart

and here is the whole card, I went for a very simple design so that the heart could be the main focus.

Hand Made Wedding Card with Heat Embossed Heart

To make the heart:
Die cut the heart from thick card, lay it on a piece of scrap paper and cover it with a thick layer of embossing powder. I used three colours, Blueberry, Blueberry mixed with Translucent Pearl and White Pearl put on in roughly diagonal stripes. 

Cover the heart with a piece of ordinary greaseproof paper and heat with a heat gun. Give it plenty of heat as you want all the powder to melt and mix, you can lift up the greaseproof paper to see whether it is melting or not. Some of the molten powder will stick to the greaseproof paper, don't worry about that.

When it is fully melted, remove the greaseproof and using a cocktail stick or something similar drag the tip through the molten powder to create the marbling effect, at this stage you can re-melt the powder if it starts to harden, without the greaseproof and it will not blow away now. Sprinkle more of the Blueberry/Pearl mixed powder on to areas of the heart and reheat to melt it in. At this stage you can play around adding more colours, lines etc until you are happy with the finished result. 

Carefully (it might still be hot) lift the heart off the paper and rub away any bits of set embossing powder from around the edges. Leave it to cool completely.

To make the card:
Cut two pieces of cream pearlescent card 12cm square. Die cut a large heart shape from one of the pieces. Stamp the greeting in the bottom right hand corner of the die cut piece and heat emboss with Blueberry embossing powder, then adhere this over the other piece and then onto the card front. Adhere the embossed heart in the centre of the cut out heart with double sided tape.

Wind the wire stem of  a blue paper rose around a bamboo skewer or similar to make a spiral and attach the rose with strong double sided tape the the top left side of the heart.

I am so pleased with the way the embossed heart turned out, I can't wait to try it again with different colours. I hope you like it, please leave a comment to let me know what you think.
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  1. Love this!! Did you stamp heart iwth something before adding the powder?

    1. Hi Glad you like it :) I didn't stamp the heart just poured the powder straight on to the card, enough to completely cover the heart.

  2. That's a nice easy technique, need to try it out. Thanks for sharing Debbie.

    1. Thanks Safina, it is a very easy technique but with such gorgeous results, well worth giving it a try :)